Our easy-to-use Legal Empowerment System

    helps you protect your online business


    without spending hours and hours searching on Google or using your kid’s college fund to hire a team of overpriced lawyers


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    Our STARTER Level will tip the LEGAL BALANCE in your favor by providing you the basics for legally protecting your online business. With our first three Legal Empowerment modules in it, you’ll form a solid foundation for your online business. Our SDL STARTER is designed to give you the most cost-effective legal solution of its kind, available anywhere!


    SDL PRIME Level

    Our PRIME Level is THE KEY for you, and others, to begin to take your online business seriously. It also is the key  to your consistent business growth, helping you legally protect and increase the value of your copyrightable content and grow your brands toward trademark protection. You’ll also get full access and help in our cozy  private Facebook group.


    SDL PRO Level

    Our PRO Level has every legal tool you’ll need to grow your GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS (and its income 🙂 ) into the stratosphere in the next 6-18 months. It’s every internet entrepreneur’s essential  online legal toolkit! And, of course, you’ll also get special access and customization help in our amazing  private Facebook group.


    What People Are Saying

    “I looked around at a lot of legal / business alternatives, but I was never able to get it done as easily as I have with Simply Done Legal. You really are my legal angel! :-)” – TheRadianceCode

    Wendy, NYC, USA + Costa Rica

    Dietitian & Wellness Coach

    “SDL, WOW! How is it that you know the TECH and BUSINESS and LEGAL sides of things? Thank you for helping me and my web clients get ALL this covered!” – WeblyAlfred.com

    Webly, Massachusetts, USA

    Online & Social Media Strategist

    “Many creative types I work with at MicroBudgetFilmSchool.com don’t want to think about protecting themselves legally, but SDL is THE simplest and best thing I’ve found!”

    Bradley, NSW, Australia



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